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Sunday, 8 May 2016

No I am not dead, but as for this blog...

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of content for the longest period yet. I will just say that work has been really busy, and my downtime is usually focused on simpler things due to mental exhaustion.

If you didn't know already, I work as a software quality analyst under Focus Professional Services Inc. We're currently contracted with Vancity, and testing their major revamp of the entire banking system. Yes, that means I'm not just testing something simple (like most web apps) or necessarily enjoyable (like a lot of games). Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I won't go any further on that.

So what do I do these day during my downtime? Well, basically consume media and occasionally hang out with friends. What media? Anime and MMA of course. I know I said I like Biology, but that is not as interesting to me these days as before, and more mentally exhausting than I'd like. What about tech stuff? TBH, I've stopped most of that as well due to the mental exhaustion part.

That doesn't mean I haven't done anything meaningful outside of work. If I feel like sharing them (and actually remember lol), I will post them here. A hint of what may be coming: my experience reinstalling Windows 10 after upgrading my SSD, why I'm moving my music collection to the cloud, Hearthstone and maybe Castle Clash, how I stopped rooting Android and resolved the lack of effective/efficient adblocking, why I rooted my watch and stopped, no more Apple 2.0, etc.

Yes those are mainly tech things, but most of them were done quite recently. I may do anime reviews, but I feel like it'd be not to my standards, and MMA is not something I really know about at all. Maybe I should make this blog more of an opinion thing rather than sharing information (or actually noting my findings before I forget them entirely)...


Tianhui (Jeff) Liu

P.S. If there are any comments, I may expand further. Like the mental exhaustion part, I know I've said what I'm doing these days with regards to that, and how work is a major factor to it. But that's not the only reason. Many of my IRL friends already know, so yeah.