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Saturday, 20 February 2016

The perils of Stack Exchange

Yes, I've featured SuperUser on my blog before, but I've since deleted that post for a reason: Virtually all Stack Exchange networks are meant for elites (or when you've got nowhere else to go). Sure if you RTFM, do it yourself extensively first, and formatted the question/answer within all of their strict and complicated rules, then you may have a chance. Otherwise, you'll get downvotes from hell, and the thread being closed and chastised will actually be your saving grace. Forget it if you aren't 100% sure or don't exactly know what you're talking about; that will just be unnecessary in their eyes, and if you're the emotional type, tears in yours.

I've seen many great answers provided on Stack Exchange. I mean Google anything complex or technical, and you'll likely see one good result from their network. That's why I've had such high standards/regard, until I truly experienced the reality check myself. That place is where only the strong will survive, and if you don't follow their mentality, just barely even if you are actually powerful under normal circumstances. The hostility and user-unfriendliness there is on another level, one that you'd expect from anonymous IRC with egotistical hackers and whatnot. Really, I personally will not use their services unless I'm truly desperate. I've been in far better communities, and if there were Yelp reviews on how accommodating Stack Exchange is, they'd be near the bottom of the barrel!

Yes, this is a personal rant that is not really at the same level of professionalism I've exhibited before. There may be exaggerations just to get my point across, but I'm not lying about my experiences there. If you ever happen to need their help, be prepared and don't say I haven't warned you. And watch out for your "reputation" on those sites, which is necessary for the oh-so-helpful voting and virtually everything else other than asking questions, commenting, and providing answers within their elitist guidelines. Yes, newbies are treated as second-class citizens. TBH, I'm aiming for a fair amount of comments this time. I just hope you guys won't have to experience the same frustrations as I have.


  1. Jesus Christ, you wrote this? I don't even understand...sounds really something right!

  2. Jesus Christ, you wrote this? I don't even understand...sounds really something right!