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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Random findings from recent times that I have not mentioned...

  1. Helped a friend get a gaming PC. Problem is our first choice doesn't have Windows pre-installed. Thought of ways to either move his hard drive containing Windows 7 (sysprep), re-use his license (slmgr), asking university friends for spare DreamSpark licenses, microsoftsoftwareswap from Reddit, etc. Although his installation happened to be Retail, and not tied to his hardware like OEM, it's 32-bit and we wanted at least 8 GB of RAM. Then I thought of enabling PAE, but that requires a lot of patching which wouldn't be much safer than pirating. Friends don't have any spare keys, and Reddit seems unreliable. Ultimately had to pay $100+ for Windows 10 from NCIX (at least they took care of everything for extra $$$).
  2. Watched Dillashaw vs Cruz. Great technical striking, especially in the first round. Almost got into an "argument" with friends about boxing vs MMA hand speed, especially the jab and whatnot. Not that it really matter in real life eh? ;p
  3. Seems like many of my friends and colleagues are hyped up for the games coming this year. Dark Souls III, XCOM 2, whatever, etc. Guess I'm not that into gaming then...
  4. Wanted to buy blank Blu-ray discs. How would I test them without burning data onto it (and possible wasting space/time)? Of course this would be from Craigslist, as I only wanted a single disc or so for my personal hobby & interests. Found this freeware called QPxTool. Of course it didn't work on my Blu-ray movies chock full of DRM, but my burned CD was recognized. Even told me what kind of discs my (now external) Blu-ray ROM drive supported and was portable to boot. Also wanted to try Nero DiscSpeed, but that requires a reboot after installation (in Sandboxie), which I didn't want to bother with. In the end, I couldn't find a good deal for single discs, so I gave up.
  5. Found a Kindle 3 Keyboard in my drawer (technically my little sister's) with working free 50 MB per month 3G, and decided to try putting some manga onto it again. That meant installing Java onto my computer for jPDF Tweak.  JRE 64-bit is mostly compatible with 32-bit Java programs, which was actually a surprise for myself albeit I knew about WoW64 and backwards compatiblity in general. Another Java program, JDownloader, had the required Java components bundled, but it was of an older less secure version. So I reinstalled it without the bundled Java this time.
  6. Finally got back to adding new content to Free Windows Desktop Software Security List.
  7. Watched Deadpool with my friends on a Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly (or not?), the theatre was only 35% full. I'll just say it was crazy fun shit, and definitely not for little ones. Ate double cheeseburger with endless fries for dinner LOL. Then played one hell of a session of TowerFall Dark World with my 4 controllers (all PlayStation or at least based on layout) on the gaming laptop.
  8. My Pebble stopped receiving notifications from my iPod Touch for whatever reason.I rebooted it, but that only made things worse. Couldn't even connect properly after Bluetooth re-pairing, rebooting iPod, factory reset of the watch, etc. Only finally managed to make it work after reinstalling the Pebble Time app as well. Oh and I forgot to mention in my previous article that I installed a language pack for Chinese/Japanese support (since the new Time firmware removed them), so that my music and WeChat wouldn't display gibberish.
There may be more, but I've decided not to share them for one reason or another. That may be because I already mentioned it before outside of my blog on social media, work-related which I'm not sure whether I should post (non-disclosure agreement), or I simple decided it wasn't worth mentioning / shouldn't be mentioned. Now it's the end of this story...

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