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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Back to iOS as well with the iPod Touch 6th Generation

I like to play mobile games. A lot. And with music running in the background as well. Plus 5 messaging apps, anti-theft, and God knows what. No wonder my phone literally becomes unresponsive as soon as someone calls me. Heck it lags whenever I exit my game as well, and sometimes even while playing it. Even the storage is running low with my hundreds of 320 Kbps MP3 music with cover art and all kinds of metadata.

The issue is that 2 GB of RAM on Android isn't enough for my heavy usage. Yes, I still have my Nexus 5 from years ago. I could upgrade soon or even now, but a number of factors made me decide to get the newest iPod Touch instead. One, I was impatient. Two, I didn't want to go through the hassle of upgrading phones or switching plans. Three, I like how my phone is setup right now, and there isn't a completely guaranteed way to transfer all those settings and data over even with root (not all phones are setup the same or can run the same apps). And four, it's cheaper.

So off I went to Craigslist, Amazon, and other sites, scouring for a deal. Unfortunately, whether that's due to the device being cheap already and new to boot, I couldn't find a good enough deal. So I decided to go to BestBuy which is a 5 minute walk from my place, and purchased a 16 GB one right then and there for ~$280 (includes tax in Canada). I didn't need a bigger size, mainly because I don't keep videos on my mobile devices. My Nexus 5 is 16 GB as well, so I've pretty much doubled my available storage. Still nothing compared to my 2 TB external HDD, 1 TB docked HDD, 2x750 GB laptop HDD, etc.

Anyways, onto my actual usage of the iPod Touch. Other than all my music, I've also moved Facebook Messenger, LINE, Skype, Steam Mobile, and WeChat to the new device. Yes that was a whole lot of things running in the background that sucked up almost all my RAM on Android (plus I removed a bunch of other stuff), now on iOS. Even with half the RAM of Android, the iPod Touch runs surprisingly well, mainly because memory is used differently on iOS (more efficiently one would argue) and I only have like a half/third of the amount of apps running in the background. And I usually listen to music on it with my new Bluetooth headphones (got them before the Macbook).

What's strange is that although I cannot pick up calls with those headphone anymore due it being connected to another device, I don't really miss that. It picks up too much background noise, abruptly interrupts my music (even when there's just messages), and tends to lag before like I said. But now I just pull down the headphones onto my neck and pick up the phone (after checking with my smartwatch of course). Although I do miss notifications on my watch and music control, it's not really too much of an issue because I can still hear them and control the music using my headphones.

I also interchange between both mobile devices for stuff like browsing the Internet, depending on convenience and battery remaining. Since Android has a built-in universal WiFi hotspot, getting my non-text/email messages isn't that inconvenient. Here are the apps I've installed other than the five I mentioned already: Refine (Ad Blocker), StumbleUpon, SoundHound, AppBundle 2, VLC, PCalc Lite, Angry Birds 2, BADLANDS, Candy Crush Saga, Carmageddon, Dumb Ways to Die 2, Quisr, and Send Anywhere (which I have on all my devices now).

Well, I'm pretty much done rambling. Just wish there was a cheap case that could've bought locally, instead of forking over $20+ to Best Buy. Unfortunately iPhone 5 cases aren't really compatible, and I found plenty of them in Dollar Tree LOL. Whatever, peace out.

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