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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wacom tablet, karaoke mic acquired! Plus whatever else I did...

*See bottom right of blog for new drawings I may add*

Well, I'm back! While I won't go into the details of my last hiatus, of course new things have happened. One of which is my Wacom Bamboo tablet, which allows me to re-experience my creative drawing side I once had as a kid. Unfortunately, I do not have the same aesthetic skills as before (half a dozen or so years ago)... Even with pressure sensitivity, layers, and whatnot.

Also, I've got a karaoke mic my dad rediscovered. Turns out it was a waste of time shopping for a new one or an adapter, cause the 1/4 in pulls off to become 3.5 mm. Unfortunately, my computer wasn't much louder than my voice even with everything maxed out, it needs a pre-amp. For now, I've settled with using a software audio boost via Equalizer APO. That has the unfortunate side-effect of increasing static noise as well, but no need to get a pre-amp anymore. My singing voice could use some training though...

What else have I done? Well I was reorganizing hundreds of gigabytes of data across multiple hard drives, SSD's, and even a FDD (flash drive). Much of it was backups, which includes Robocopy, Windows File History, System Imaging, manual file copies, archives (7-Zip), and cloud uploads. I think I have talked about my backup strategy before, but now I rely more on native Windows apps:

Remember when I was spending much of a few days getting cover art and lyrics for my favourite music? Well I decided to spend another good portion of a day or so deleting a quarter of those songs... From 444 to 305. Won't have that much time starting October 13th when I begin a software testing Trainee position.

Lastly, you know how big corporations always steps on us little guys? Well, I was wondering why only Chinese tablets feature dual-booting of Android and Windows. Turns out, while Intel is technically capable and can profit from this, Microsoft and Google just don't want it to happen:

And for those who sides with them? Here's my personal quote against that: "Some people can't see the point simply because they don't have the creative or technical know-how, nor the willingness to go against the norm or big corporations."

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