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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How I find cover art, lyrics, etc.

For my favourite music; the proper title, author, album, cover art, and lyrics must be shown (on Windows Media Player). Although I strip away those details when I convert those MP3 to M4A to save space on my phone, my computer must archive every faved music in their proper format.

Here are the software I used to perfect those (downloaded) MP3 files:
https://picard.musicbrainz.org/ (MusicBrainz Picard)
http://www.mediahuman.com/lyrics-finder/ (MediaHuman Lyrics Finder)

The first allows me to add every single detail about the music onto the MP3 file, except lyrics. That includes dozens of tags of varying usefulness. If I can't find it in the database, I add the following tags myself: title, author, album, and cover art. That means scouring the Internet for whatever is relevant. It usually happens for obscure non-English songs (I listen to a lot of Japanese, and some Chinese / French). Then I add the lyrics with the second program, which also allow manual input.

For one particular song (I'm Okay by Cathi Bruns), I had to decipher the lyrics myself and write everything down manually. That means listening to a slowed-down music file, and jotting whatever sounds about right. Here is the fruits of my labour as proof:

All of this editing I don't keep only to myself as I also do the same for my little sister's collection (thankfully it's a fraction of mine in terms of amount). Maybe I can help one of you if need be...

*Can't believe I had to write the lyrics for another song... This one is easier though:

*Wow, I can make a hobby out of this:

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