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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Just a reminder and an example of true technical discussions

*Pics to come after t-shirts are washed (yes I wore one on that day and martial arts yesterday)*

A few of you may ave noticed either on the bottom left of my blog or on Facebook that I posted a new Bambuser live video. That is regarding my trip to the Microsoft Store at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I had too much anticipation built up and waited for over an hour for the store to open!

In the end, I managed to snag the last free Windows Insider t-shirt (white one), got 20% off on a WD My Passport Ultra (~$90 after tax), and another t-shirt (this time a black Windows 10 one). Overall, it didn't meet my expectations, but was a good experience anyhow.

And remember when I said Wilders Security Forum is where true technical experts reside (outside of major league hackers)? Well here is an example of that:

I don't expect you to understand everything, but you should at least know who I am in that discussion LOL. If I may cherry pick my best post, this is probably it:

The thread is a long one with basically 2 sides. One is for sandboxing Chrome with SBIE. The other is against adding another sandbox on top of Chrome's. My cherry picked post should list all the reasons for the first side, although I'm more of the second side. Read the whole thing if you dare.

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