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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Dealing with Skype Scammers

Well they're here again... Scammers impersonating as females to entice you to give up personal details to either a shady website, or directly through Skype. Rule of thumb, always ask for proof like video messaging (which is hard to fake once you get a real conversation going) and whatnot.

I actually just asked for pics, and no shady websites, but that's just me having fun. Since they can actually read that I stated no shady website, they gave me an imgur link. That alone will fool far too many people, but I just search the image with Google and voila! There is the real owner of that pic.

Interesting enough, this scammer was a smarter one who asked for personal details from me beforehand. But I wouldn't give in, and requested to answers from "her" since "she" requested this "hookup". That is how they finally gave the imgur link, which lead to the obvious closing of the case.

I should've made a screencast of this on my phone, but didn't thought about it until later and actually removed the whole conversation. Luckily, somehow the whole thing was stored on Outlook.com, which is what you see from the screenshots above.

Of course I reported the scammer, and you should too! Not that you need to bother with all these steps and could just decline shady looking names in friend requests...

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