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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

8K video?!

Wow, so much for 4K... Anyhow, getting the source video so I can test it natively was more challenging than I thought. Basically, I couldn't download directly from Google servers or copy a playable file from the cache, so a 3rd party video grabber was needed. I won't go into the details due to possible copyright problems, but I finally managed to get it!

There will be 3 media players tested: VLC, Windows Media Player, and Leawo Blu-ray Player. All will be default settings. The first 2 I couldn't use my dedicated NVIDIA GPU for some reason (probably deliberate software limitation, cause I remember being able to select discrete graphics before in the control panel). Therefore, I will use Leawo to see how well that plays, although it doesn't seem optimized for it according to settings (no PureVideo or CUDA option). I tried NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player, but it has lame codecs issues, so nevermind.

Playing the 8K video on Chrome itself was actually a pretty laggy. Running it with the NVIDIA high-performance GPU setting wasn't any better, in fact it crashed on fullscreen... Anyhow, onto the testing!

VLC: Choppy. A bit pixelated due to that. Failed.
WMP: Can't even display video. Failed.
Leawo: Even more laggy and pixelated than VLC. Dedicated GPU didn't change anything.

The results are bizarre, because on another video (4K this time), VLC was equally laggy, but the other 2 played it fine (except discrete Leawo)! The files appear very similar according to MediaInfo, other than resolution and bitrate, so I'm not sure why the discrepancy. Also, running with dedicated graphics shouldn't be recommended outside of optimized games and such.

So basically speaking, my laptop is not ready for 8K. What about yours? Leave a comment below.

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