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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sun Peaks Resort, Lumia 520 overheating stopped?, and Windows 10 update issues

Wondering where I was the whole time? Well, now you know. My family and I went on vacation from Sunday to Wednesday to Sun Peaks Resort. It was quite the experience, highlighted by the above photo. It was where a bunch of young people including myself decided to take a "shortcut" up over  1 km of steep grassy plains to the top. There were flies were everywhere. Unfortunately, the "top" was actually only 25% of the route of the ski lift, so we gave up and went back down.. That is where I twisted my ankle pretty badly, and had to call search and rescue... Seriously! On the same fateful Tuesday, some children of the group we're in suffered from sickness and injury. Otherwise it was a great trip with far too much food brought and horseback riding!

During the entire trip and seemingly ever since I upgraded my Lumia 520 to Windows Phone 8.1, it was a battery hog of a heat sink. Even with a 2600 maH portable battery, it seemed to only last half the day! Plus, there were issues with the buttons, so I had to configure double tap to open the screen and a lock screen app... Anyhow, just today I've noticed that the temperature was finally normal. No, it was not disabling anything, airplane mode, rebooting the phone, etc. that made the change. In fact, I don't know what happened, other than that it occurred right after I made a manual backup of the phone to Microsoft servers and was about to factory reset it. Anyhow, I'm glad that the heat issues are gone, and hopefully the battery will be better as well.

And lastly, Windows 10. It seems that upgrading from my OEM Windows 7 didn't actually save the license in my account. When I looked at the product key, it's not embedded in the BIOS and seems to be the generic one provided online! Anyhow, I decided to update it from build 10130 to build 10159, but Windows Update just wouldn't show it even a day after switching to the Fast Ring... Oh well, download the ISO right? Except that nags for a product key, and neither the generic one provided online or my OEM key under the battery worked! Contacting Microsoft is futile, they just want to defer to my manufacturer. The automated robot  activation system does work, but I don't even have the new build installed. Therefore, I'm stuck with build 10130 for the time being, and may not even have a genuine license!

What an upgrade... Please read this beforehand everyone, and don't jump the ship too early like myself: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_install/how-will-the-final-release-will-be-rolled-out/73c37498-5124-4f9b-85cc-c75468d7c37a

*Contacted Microsoft again, and they finally directed me to the right department. Turns out my product ID was blocked... They had to reset it and everything should be fine now.