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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Update #2: failed iOS 8.3 jailbreak, Windows Phone 8.1, and no more DNS adblocking

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Well, I just had to jump at the opportunity of jailbreaking iOS 8.3, the latest and greatest. Unfortunately, even after much troubleshooting involving old versions of iTunes and whatnot, the TaiG jailbreak tool doesn't work for me. Anyhow, I've decided that it's not worth jailbreaking my iPad Mini anymore, as it;s only a secondary device with limited usage. Plus, I get to have the latest and greatest versions of iOS w/o waiting forever. Therefore, I clean restored it and synced my latest backup. That worked better than I thought, with every app settings intact. You can't say the same for Android without root, even using adb.

Also, the same philosophy applies to the Lumia 520 I just got. Plus, it's virtually impossible jailbreaking it for anything other than sideloading apps and unlocking the carrier... Since it sat in the drawer of the seller for so long, it literally took hours for me to install all the updates Microsoft spew out. Afterwards, I put my music in a microSD card, downloaded offline maps, synced all the contacts/calendars/emails, and installed only a few necessary apps. They are:

UC Browser - happens to be only ways to adblock, via "speed mode".
LINE - cause my android version used too much resources and now I can multitask with gaming.
Listen - best music player that doesn't download unnecessary albums and reads straight from files. includes lyrics, although online. very attractive interface.
XFile - wirelessly allows me to download/upload files to and from the device.

Overall, I'm surprised by the quality of Windows Phone 8.1, and how walled its garden is. Built-in FaceBook, Skype, Mail, etc. with support of ~5-10 different types of accounts. One of the best offline navigation via Nokia Maps. And more. Just forget jailbreaking it unless you want to sideload apps.

And lastly, I cannot recommend BA.net adblock or FoolDNS anymore. They now use the same server, which doesn't even work! Therefore, what should I do for iOS adblocking without jailbreak? Cough up money for Weblock? Na, this will work fine: http://www.speedmeup.net/

*P.S. The last link is relatively new and unknown (although clean according to VirusTotal), so use SpeedMeUp at your own risk! Don't be surprised if they can sniff your non-encrypted traffic.

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