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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Status update: Job hunting

So why the long delay from my previous post? Basically it came down to this, I like my last post to be displayed longer, there was nothing really to write about in my interests, and I was busy job hunting. I did get into this non for-profit temp agency called EMBERS Vancouver and had work last Thursday, but couldn't continue it due to prior arrangements.

Unfortunately I've yet to receive any more work since then, even though I try to be there at 6:30 AM latest, but they're a nice place to work for if there is jobs for you. Why do I say that? Well they have a $12 minimum pay, 4% holiday bonus, overtime + double pay, and more. Just need to arrive at the right time and stay working.

So what did I do while waiting? Other than playing games and socializing, I've done pretty extensive job hunting (especially on Craigslist), and freebies/gigs searching. One day, I decided to do this heavy labour gig involving shovelling dirt and lifting 40+ pounds of them down to the garden. Unfortunately, I only lasted 2 hours of continuous lifting... Well, at least I got $30 out of it.

Today is no different, except I skipped out waiting on EMBERS due to oversleeping, and met with my employment coordinator. She introduced me to this website called indeed.ca, which will hopefully land me a job sooner rather than later. I guess the less experience you have, the more you need to depend on luck.

Anyhow, I've got other stuff to catch up on, so yeah. I'll probably work on my story for the next post seeing that there isn't much else to write about at the moment. Bye!

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