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Monday, 6 April 2015

My recent strings of bad luck

Wonder where I've been these past few days? Can't say it has been good for me. Basically, 3 strings of bad luck happened at around the same time. First I broke my laptop Blu-ray enclosure, then I lost a job on the second day, and my Pebble watch stopped working. I'll go straight to the details:

  1. Being overly excited about my laptop Blu-ray enclosure that I just got for $10, I brought it to FreeGeek Vancouver to show around. Wanting to test it out with one of their DVD drives, I found that it was almost stuck going in. I told my supervisor about that and handed it to her, but she mistakenly thought it was stuck going out and basically took it out by force. Unfortunately the pins and adapter separated. They did fix it for me though, and I was thankful for that, but the connection stayed loose... A few days later, I accidentally removed the drive outside of the enclosure and it separated again. Upon trying to fix it, I broke one of the pins making the enclosure useless.
  2. Just under a week ago, I found this job as a shampoo mascot for Great Clips. They accepted me very quickly unlike most other places, so I took the job even though it's over a hour long bus ride. I did pretty well in my opinion, trying to wave and hanging out with the kids. Even went a little bit further, although they gave a sort of warning about that. Should've taken it to heart or at least asked them, even though they haven't specifically stated to be within the neighbourhood. On impulse, I decided to try going way out walking over 10 km in total partially as an adventure and partially promoting the store. That meant I was too far out of the zone for too long, which lead to a cold dismissal of my position. There were no second chances... Unfortunately, you should always ask questions and stay on protocol these days, or else there'll be consequences as seen in the news about good Samaritans.
  3. Last weekend, my family decided to go on a church trip. Nothing major happened, except one mistake: I forgot to bring the charger for my Pebble smartwatch or even charge it beforehand. That meant the watch died for a day or so, and when I plugged it back in, this error came up: "0cfe504502". I tried pretty much everything to fix it, holding down select, trying to get into recovery mode (failure), draining the battery and then trying those again, a stronger charger, etc. Unfortunately, I believe it's dead and I have no warranty on it being second-hand. Plus, I just had to be fired before this happened, so no money to replace it immediately.
Overall, I hope these bad days are over and I can look forward to the future. And no, I haven't completely given up on my Sci-Fi story yet for those that remember, but didn't manage to spend time on it. Anyhow, have a great day as always, and enjoy!

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