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Friday, 10 April 2015

A look at my main desktop

So, what does the desktop of a genius look like? Just joking (partially), but anyhow there it is. Please click the image for a larger version as always.

Basically that's it, my dual monitor (one of them built-in laptop display) setup. The desktop on the left isn't OS X or a virtual machine BTW, just a handy program called Nexus Dock. As for all those little icons on the system tray, I'll list them one by one (starting from top left reading left to right):

Cacheman, Process Explorer, GlassWire, NVIDIA GPU Activity, Soft Organizer, Avast, LinkScanner, Crystal Security, HitmanPro.Alert, WinPatrol, AX64 Time Machine, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, MSI Keyboard LED Manager, MSI VGA Overclock Tool, S-Bar, SoftPerect RAM Disk, UltraMon, Voicemeeter, Chrome - Notifications, Ditto, USB Safely Remove, Battery, WiFi, Volume, Time

You'll notice that most of them are freeware, but there are a few paid software here and there. I got the last free version or giveaways of those, because I only spend on games LOL. There are actually more running in the background, but with their icons disabled in settings. I won't get into those... As for why I have 12.51 GB of RAM/Pagefile used, 8 of that is actually for my RAMDisk.

Anyhow, that is basically it for today until I get some free time to brainstorm on my story and whatnot. Ciao!

*Latest update on Windows 10:

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