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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sci-Fi Story on hiatus, Blog reduced updates, and root/jailbreak taking its sweet time

I know, I know. I said I would be working on that Sci-Fi Story. But unfortunately, due to lack of interest from both you guys and myself, it will be on hiatus until further notice. Sorry to any fans out there... It was an idea of the moment, but needs better implementation.

As for the Blog itself, I've honestly forgotten about it while going through my job hunting and whatnot of daily life. Seriously, I didn't think about writing here until yesterday, which happens to be my birthday, when friends came over and we talked about stuff. Although this won't be on hiatus, the good old days of 2-3 updates every day is long gone.

In other news, Google is taking its sweet time updating one of its platform phones, the Nexus 5. Somehow, Android 5.1.1 is already released for the Nexus Player (yes a fricking iPod Touch replacement) and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (on T-Mobile)... Yet my Nexus 5 still suffers from WiFi disconnections, LTE taking over WiFi with a !, lower battery life, and crashed apps. This is one of Google's best-selling phones we're talking about, and still relevant because it's freaking cheap compared to the Nexus 6. Rant continues...

On the other hand, Apple loves to fortify its Great Walled Garden of Flocking Sheep. No offence intended, but I hate how they block any possibilities on jailbreaking your iDevice at this moment! After silently patching the jailbreak when iOS 8.1.3 came of out beta, the tweaking community was dealt another blow with the release of iOS 8.3 right when an 8.2 jailbreak was in the works. Obviously, you can't downgrade soon after the release, so we're stuck with 8.1.2. No, I'm not upgrading for some overpriced Apple Watch or security patches on non-important data.

Anyhow, since I've bothered to download GIMP and tons of other programs, might as well try designing my own image for once. Tell me what you think below.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Status update: Job hunting

So why the long delay from my previous post? Basically it came down to this, I like my last post to be displayed longer, there was nothing really to write about in my interests, and I was busy job hunting. I did get into this non for-profit temp agency called EMBERS Vancouver and had work last Thursday, but couldn't continue it due to prior arrangements.

Unfortunately I've yet to receive any more work since then, even though I try to be there at 6:30 AM latest, but they're a nice place to work for if there is jobs for you. Why do I say that? Well they have a $12 minimum pay, 4% holiday bonus, overtime + double pay, and more. Just need to arrive at the right time and stay working.

So what did I do while waiting? Other than playing games and socializing, I've done pretty extensive job hunting (especially on Craigslist), and freebies/gigs searching. One day, I decided to do this heavy labour gig involving shovelling dirt and lifting 40+ pounds of them down to the garden. Unfortunately, I only lasted 2 hours of continuous lifting... Well, at least I got $30 out of it.

Today is no different, except I skipped out waiting on EMBERS due to oversleeping, and met with my employment coordinator. She introduced me to this website called indeed.ca, which will hopefully land me a job sooner rather than later. I guess the less experience you have, the more you need to depend on luck.

Anyhow, I've got other stuff to catch up on, so yeah. I'll probably work on my story for the next post seeing that there isn't much else to write about at the moment. Bye!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Free Windows Desktop Software Security List

Gizmos Freeware - ako, J_L, MrBrian

It's now live! This is the best security freeware list available to date, and categorizes all types of software for the safety and well-being of your computer. I'm actually the co-author J_L of that list for years now, way before doing this blog. Honestly, with the help of original author ako, and new revisionist MrBrian, this is probably the best piece of work I've ever been in a part of creating.

This list previously existed in the form of "Probably the Best Free Security List in the World", but now is better than ever. Hundreds of new items coming soon. Anyhow, feel free to check it out and gaze in awe of my excessive overkill soul!

Monday, 13 April 2015

A match made in hell: legit Blu-ray movies on Windows, cloning to new SSD, and Pebble Watch 0xFE504502

Why the inactivity recently? Well, I was busy with a few things not including work or school. It turns out playing Blu-ray movies on Windows is a b*tch, as is cloning to a new SSD that is 2 GB smaller than my old one, and Pebble Watches can act like turds when out of battery for more than a day.

First of all, getting Blu-ray movies you bought to even play on your computer is not an easy task. First you need a Blu-ray player (thankfully my laptop came with one that I replaced for an OptiBay and put in an external enclosure). Then you need to set the player region. It's not done for me, and I couldn't do it without putting the Blu-ray drive back in and connecting directly via SATA. Then you need special software to even decode and play the thing. VLC will not work on all of them, including the recent ones I bought. I had to resort to re-downloading Corel WinDVD Pro, which I thought was unnecessary, and thankfully it remembers my license. So therefore, no lags and Blu-ray plays fine even in 3D! Because of the virtual machine used in BD+ encryption, my security software detects that as VM-aware malware and Aero has to be disabled by Corel. At least I can finally enjoy the movies I legally bought for free after skipping a bunch of ads...

Secondly, I bought a SSD from NCIX Vancouver. It had errors until I slow formatted it. Before that, I tried chkdsk /r, all sorts of Linux commands, zeroing out the drive and cloning with Clonezilla via Parted Magic, trying out Hiren's CD's Macrium Reflect and whatnot, etc. NCIX Surrey said because it passes basic formatting and read/write tests, they cannot offer me a full refund. Then they ave me advice about Macrium Reflect and whatnot, which still failed. I just cannot clone from my 119 GB SSD to my new 117 GB one for whatever reason (superblock error was given my CloneZilla, but Macrium said it's fine). It just wouldn't boot no matter how I repair using the Windows 7 installation USB and whatnot. Therefore, I've decided to move my Steam games, VirtualBox guests, music collection, and more onto that new SSD. That means both now have enough space to now show red on Windows Explorer anymore. Plus, I swear my virtual machines are 5x faster with no lag anymore.

Lastly, my Pebble Watch died and resurrected, both somewhat to do with church... It died when I went on a church trip without charging it or bringing a charger. After a few days, this error shows up whenever it has battery: 0xFE504502. I tried all the fixes, but it just won't boot! Recovery mode didn't work cause it won't even go there. So how was it fixed? Basically by me fiddling around with it in another church while listening to the sermons... Yes, seriously. I have a theory that the select button was stuck, and when I finally scratched on it and pressed it exactly on boot, somehow Recovery Mode was invoked. Then I re-flashed my Pebble, restored all the apps, and I'm good to go!

Sorry, no pictures this time since it's getting late (not that you ever needed one). It's strange how my luck works, it's either outright bad or surprisingly good with little in between... Anyhow have a good night as always, and sweet dreams!

Friday, 10 April 2015

A look at my main desktop

So, what does the desktop of a genius look like? Just joking (partially), but anyhow there it is. Please click the image for a larger version as always.

Basically that's it, my dual monitor (one of them built-in laptop display) setup. The desktop on the left isn't OS X or a virtual machine BTW, just a handy program called Nexus Dock. As for all those little icons on the system tray, I'll list them one by one (starting from top left reading left to right):

Cacheman, Process Explorer, GlassWire, NVIDIA GPU Activity, Soft Organizer, Avast, LinkScanner, Crystal Security, HitmanPro.Alert, WinPatrol, AX64 Time Machine, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, MSI Keyboard LED Manager, MSI VGA Overclock Tool, S-Bar, SoftPerect RAM Disk, UltraMon, Voicemeeter, Chrome - Notifications, Ditto, USB Safely Remove, Battery, WiFi, Volume, Time

You'll notice that most of them are freeware, but there are a few paid software here and there. I got the last free version or giveaways of those, because I only spend on games LOL. There are actually more running in the background, but with their icons disabled in settings. I won't get into those... As for why I have 12.51 GB of RAM/Pagefile used, 8 of that is actually for my RAMDisk.

Anyhow, that is basically it for today until I get some free time to brainstorm on my story and whatnot. Ciao!

*Latest update on Windows 10:

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

PS4 unboxing

On a lighter note, here is a video of my friend Miles and I unboxing his brand new birthday gift! It's a PS4 with skins and tons of accessories. I wish him a happy birthday once again, and should've posted this earlier but forgot. Enjoy!

Monday, 6 April 2015

My recent strings of bad luck

Wonder where I've been these past few days? Can't say it has been good for me. Basically, 3 strings of bad luck happened at around the same time. First I broke my laptop Blu-ray enclosure, then I lost a job on the second day, and my Pebble watch stopped working. I'll go straight to the details:

  1. Being overly excited about my laptop Blu-ray enclosure that I just got for $10, I brought it to FreeGeek Vancouver to show around. Wanting to test it out with one of their DVD drives, I found that it was almost stuck going in. I told my supervisor about that and handed it to her, but she mistakenly thought it was stuck going out and basically took it out by force. Unfortunately the pins and adapter separated. They did fix it for me though, and I was thankful for that, but the connection stayed loose... A few days later, I accidentally removed the drive outside of the enclosure and it separated again. Upon trying to fix it, I broke one of the pins making the enclosure useless.
  2. Just under a week ago, I found this job as a shampoo mascot for Great Clips. They accepted me very quickly unlike most other places, so I took the job even though it's over a hour long bus ride. I did pretty well in my opinion, trying to wave and hanging out with the kids. Even went a little bit further, although they gave a sort of warning about that. Should've taken it to heart or at least asked them, even though they haven't specifically stated to be within the neighbourhood. On impulse, I decided to try going way out walking over 10 km in total partially as an adventure and partially promoting the store. That meant I was too far out of the zone for too long, which lead to a cold dismissal of my position. There were no second chances... Unfortunately, you should always ask questions and stay on protocol these days, or else there'll be consequences as seen in the news about good Samaritans.
  3. Last weekend, my family decided to go on a church trip. Nothing major happened, except one mistake: I forgot to bring the charger for my Pebble smartwatch or even charge it beforehand. That meant the watch died for a day or so, and when I plugged it back in, this error came up: "0cfe504502". I tried pretty much everything to fix it, holding down select, trying to get into recovery mode (failure), draining the battery and then trying those again, a stronger charger, etc. Unfortunately, I believe it's dead and I have no warranty on it being second-hand. Plus, I just had to be fired before this happened, so no money to replace it immediately.
Overall, I hope these bad days are over and I can look forward to the future. And no, I haven't completely given up on my Sci-Fi story yet for those that remember, but didn't manage to spend time on it. Anyhow, have a great day as always, and enjoy!