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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The P4P bests of MMA

Skitter Photo - StockSnap.io

As an avid fan of mixed martial arts, where the fighting is as real as it gets within legal and safety boundaries, I watch virtually all UFC numbered events almost religiously. In this sport, not only are you allowed to box, but kicks, elbows, knees, even takedowns and submissions, are all allowed within certain rules. That makes the fight as realistic as possible, but of course some things like rabbit punches, throat shots, etc. aren't allowed. Here I will be describing the pound-for-pound best MMA male and female that the world has possibly ever known:
  • Jon "Bones" Jones: Originally the youngest UFC champion ever at the age of  23, this man is still the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion with 8 title defences. That is just short of the greatest of all time Anderson Silva's 10, and half of those were against former champions. He recently defeated Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier, who recently came down from heayweight and rag-dolled 250+ pound men around. In that fight, Jones was never taken down except at the very end when he was picked up with a lot of effort. He actually took down Cormier twice if I remember correctly, maybe more. His strongest test was actually against Alexander Gustafsson in a fight he didn't prepare 100% for. Jones is not without controversies though. The most recent one was a failed test before the fight for traces of cocaine, which he had to go to rehab for. Because it was not during the contest, and cocaine is technically not a performance-enhancing drug, Jones was only given a slap in the wrist for that mistake. Jones' only loss was a disqualification against Matt Hamill who couldn't continue after breaking his own shoulder. Jones accidentally did a 12-to-6 elbow, which shouldn't really be illegal in the first place. So he really should be undefeated. Overall, I'm a big fan of Jones, not for his personal behaviour (which can be imperfect at times), but for his technical expertise within the cage. He does everything from spinning elbows to keylocks. The new GOAT imo.
  • "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey: The first and only UFC Women's Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey is the best female fighter there is. She is so dominant that virtually all of her opponents were finished in the first round, the latest a record 14 second armbar. Originally an armbar specialist at judo, Rousey's MMA game has improved leaps and bounds leading to 2 quick TKO finishes while defending her belt, along with those armbars. None of her fights have led to a decision, and she's undefeated of course. Although she can act like a teenage boy sometimes, I look past that and admire her technical expertise. She hasn't limited herself to fighting either, and has modelled and even acted in Hollywood movies. Overall, she is my favourite female fighter and quite the personality.

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