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Thursday, 26 March 2015

OTG and Camera Connection Kit

Ever want to access your camera directly from your phone or tablet? How about a USB stick, card reader, or even mouse? That is possible thanks to an OTG cable for Android, or Camera Connection Kit for iOS. An OTG cable is basically microUSB male to USB female. A Camera Connection Kit is basically 30-pin or Lightning to USB female.

The first is very powerful, and will let you connect any USB device as long as the microUSB port outputs enough power. The second only appears to support cameras in my testing with a 30-pin to Lightning adapter, but it may be more powerful on older devices.

On Android, you need to pay for a non-root software I believe, but if you are rooted, StickMount works great! On iOS, just open the Photos app to import from the camera. Although with jailbreak you may be able to mount USB stick with a terminal emulator and access them via iFile, I don't think it worked for me even after formatting the stick to HFS.

This is top secret info guys! Just joking, yet another not well-known tip by yours truly. See ya!

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