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Sunday, 29 March 2015

OptiBay and External Optical Enclosure

Ever wish you had more hard drives on your laptop? As in more space to store files? Well you can actually do that without modifying the laptop to make it bigger or something like that. You can actually replace the DVD or Blu-Ray ROM with a hard drive or SSD by using a special caddy to fit the space where the optical drive was. And then you can put the optical drive in an USB enclosure and use it with any computer of your choice!

Be careful when installing new drives though, Windows may mistakenly mark it as active and try to boot from there. To fix that, go into recovery console and follow these instruction in the command prompt: http://superuser.com/questions/681956/drive-letters-swapped-after-system-restore-c-%E2%86%92-d

Note that the above screenshot is actually a test drive that is almost full. I am actually going to get a 320 GB blank hard drive. Where did I find such things? Actually, I spent just $30 on craigslist buying them locally, which means no shipping waits and stuff. And the 320 GB drive will be my birthday present from a friend. So yeah, always getting good deals here. So enjoy your new-found space!

An update to my setup, now with maxed out connections!!!

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