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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My command center

Ever wonder what my room looks like? Well take a look above. As you can see, I have a lot of electronics. Here I will be describing what exactly I do with them.

The machine with the glowing keyboard is my Windows 7 gaming laptop. It is my main workhorse. On this machine, I browse websites, write on my blog, game, consume multimedia, download stuff, and more. While it is running Windows 7, I'm also using other operating systems in VirtualBox and VMware vCenter. I usually connect my bluetooth mouse (excuse the mousepad) and the HDMI monitor on the left there. It is a very powerful machine as you can see from the specs.

On the right are my mobile devices that I bring on trips. They are a Nexus 5, iPad Mini, and Acer C710. I've rooted all 3 as you've read from my previous articles. They are very convenient, and runs Android 5.0.1, iOS 8.1.2, and Chrome OS Beta. My phone I bring everywhere with me, connected to bluetooth headphones (the teal one) and Pebble smartwatch (orange/black). The iPad I sometimes bring if the phone isn't enough for whatever reason. The Chromebook is when I need the power of a full OS, since it's running Ubuntu 14.04 on crouton as well.

On the left is my iMac that I recently got. Not really sure what to do with it right now, other than installing programs I don't want to bloat my main workhorse with such as Skype. I think I'll use it as a multimedia center and guest machine or WiFi access point eventually. It is connected to the wireless USB keyboard and mouse next to the mousepad.

In the corner is my little Asus Eee PC 4G netbook. It is currently running Puppy Linux and rarely used, but I have plans for it. That includes using it as a motion detecting security camera that uploads the images to my Dropbox account.

And lastly are my figures and manga books. They are basically decoration I guess. And there we go, hope you enjoy my command center. Don't get any weird ideas though. ;)

Things have changed a little bit, see the image below:

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