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Monday, 9 March 2015

Multiplayer gaming at my command centre

Now that you've seen my command centre, I must be doing more with it than what I described right? Especially if friends are coming over? That is definitely the case. Just recently I've got 2 more gamepads and an extra mice. That means my gaming laptop, Chromebook, and iMac all have their own input devices. With a LAN game like Hammerwatch, we can play on each system with each other on the same room. Add another computer and controller, and we'll have a full LAN party!

Unfortunately, that was not setup in time during the my friends' last visit, but we did manage to still have fun by plugging in 4 controllers in my gaming laptop. We played Street Fighter X Tekken and Super Smash Bros Brawl. It was a lot of fun either strategically tag teaming your opponents, or just randomly smashing any of the 3 other players on the screen. I hope to have enough people over at my house again for another round one day soon.

Of course, those aren't the only multiplayer games we can play on the same computer, nor is it the only system that can support 4 players. It would be too many to list all multiplayer games I own, so I shall only give you guys the 4 player ones not already mentioned: Little Fighter 2, SuperTuxKart, 2 Player Reactor (upgraded), BADLAND, Quisr, and Slingshot Trial.

Have fun guys, see ya!

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