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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How I used up almost 100 GB on my system SSD (600 GB on my data HDD)

Think you are lacking space? Think again, I'm using more than 700 GB here... On my 128 GB SSD, only 24 GB of free space is left. That is thanks to 109 installed programs, many portable apps, and their components (heck a SSBB ROM takes up 8+ GB!). It's amazing how much space I need for my games, Internet programs, multimedia, office, programming, security, system, and utilities.

Heck, I recently used up 3 GB installing the complete Netbeans and Python (plus all their requirements) so that I can program HTML5, PHP, C++, Java, and Python apps. As for my data disk, most of my downloads, backups, and other personal stuff are stored there. It's lucky I have an external 1 TB HDD as well, or else I would really run out of space.

Feel free to post in the comments below on how much space your stuff takes up. Until then, bye!

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