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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Chrome Remote Desktop: Quite the convenience

Have you ever wished you could connect to any one of your computers using another one, or even a mobile phone? Well, with Chrome Remote Desktop, that is very much a reality. After signing in and verifying your Google account, you can set up sharing the computer on Windows, OS X, or Linux (I believe) after installing the app and host software. Then with a secure 6+ digit pin, you can access those computers using any device you own, including Android and iOS!

With a mouse and keyboard, it's like controlling the computer yourself in person. With touchscreen, you can emulate those, but it's not exactly the same. Unfortunately, there are no host options for my Chromebook, iPad, and phone. Those are devices I carry on the go to access home computers anyways, so no worries there.

The only problem I've had with the service is my dual 1080p setup being shrinked too small, although you can adjust it. Also, I've had problems connecting from a different network at home with the same public IP address, but dissimilar IP subnet. That is rarely a problem though, unless you have 2 or more routers at home. Otherwise, my experience with this software is great, you just need Google Chrome installed.


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