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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

AlEiLiCeDa PloQu (Part 1)

Character background / Settings

"This way Your Highness", the butler said. "We must make haste and remove ourselves from this unruly place". Celeste nods and silently follows, aware that her life and kingdom is in jeopardy. Since the identity of the princess isn't fully known, every likely suspect is raped, tortured, and slaughtered. It pains her conscience seeing innocent girls being treated like rags, they should be seen as royalty just appearing like her after all. "Butler, is my hair still smooth and silky?", asks Celeste, peering into a heirloom mirror. "Of course Your Highness", replied the butler. "Do not jest! 'Tis in dire need of spa treatment. Filthy dust hath touched it!", complained the princess. "Your wish-", the butler answered before his head fell clean off. "We've found her! Get her!", roared the mob. Although she was in a pinch, Celeste stayed calm and closed her eyes. As they opened, a neon light overwhelms the area, slowing down time into a standstill. As the light fades, poof she's gone! In reality, Celeste simultaneously slowed down the time of the mob and sped up her own clock, running away with ease. "I must head towards a neutral territory like Dundyll", thought the princess as she sped away. The confused villagers look at each other in disbelief, not noticing the shadow looming ahead...

Meanwhile our protagonist wakes up to the sweet smell of bacon. "My lady, how are you-", questioned Liaz before his jaws suddenly drop. "Yes, what is it kind sir?", Alex wondered. As they looked down at where he's staring, Alex blushes and hid away in the sheets. It appears that their morning wood was in clear view. "Young one, can you please explain the co-existence of both a dual bosom and that monstrosity below?", Liaz asks in bewilderment. "I was born like this unfortunately", explained Alex. "I have both tools actually", they continued. Confusion was in the air, and much explaining was done before finally the lizard man is content with the situation at hand. "My apologies, but may I continue to refer you as My Lady?", Liaz inquires. "Of course you may, it will make things much simpler", replied Alex. "Although I may prefer to dress as a man sometimes". And with this, we shall refer them as "her/she" when appearing as female and "he/him" when male. "Actually, do you have some masculine clothing I may try? I would prefer not experiencing that situation with the clown again.", she says. "That would be no problem My Lady, and now Sir". Taking on the new appearance of a handsome playboy, Alex thanked Liaz and they were about to go their separate ways until the Space Ninja Darkstroke decided to play an experiment. He was watching the whole time, intrigued by the otherworldly situation, before deciding to cast a random warp spell on the two adventurers. "That hermaphrodite had a nice figure, too bad she's gone but this'll be fun", remarked Darkstroke. "Now what is that mighty dragon terrorizing at this moment?". Landing in an awkward position, our protagonist and his companion quickly dismissed the yaoi fanservice scene, and take a look around. It appears time, space, and matter are at a standstill...

The roar of a dragon startles the mob. It must be the Matter Dragon Eigarl! As soon as their gaze meets the tyrant, a booming voice commands, "Where is the princess?!". Not one dared to speak up, but he will have none of that. And thus, the closest villager splits in half under the dragon's claw, striking more fear into their hearts. All except for one. The leader of the mob shouts, "Did we overthrow the last oppressive regime only to fall into a new one?! I think not!". Then he signals the charge, only to be blown back by a neutron breath. With most of the mob dead in one shot, Eigarl decides to torture the remaining survivors into submission, and flies off in search of Celeste and Darkstroke. Without notice, a female survivor is kidnapped behind the scenes and escorted to the lair of the Space Ninja. "Welcome my new toy", Darkstroke laughed. "I hope you enjoy your stay, whether as an informant or pleasure slave". "We the people will never-", she screamed before being knocked unconscious by a neck chop. "What a bore, let's see how our little intersex beauty is doing", he decides while teleporting towards what's left of the random warp. Meanwhile a strange scent catches the attention of Eigarl, who then flies towards its location, where everything stagnates...

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