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Tuesday, 24 February 2015



YuruYuri is another one of my favourite anime. Despite its title, there is little real lesbian action going on, so don't worry about it. This anime is about a girl named Akari, who happens to be the protagonist, disappear into obscurity (exaggeration). Well her presence is definitely overshadowed by another main character named Kyoko. Akari is mild, gentle, and caring, while Kyoko is hyper, outgoing, and friendly. Other main characters include Yui and Chinatsu. Yui is the serious one of the bunch, correcting Kyoko when one of her antics goes over the board. Chinatsu is infatuated with Yui, and somehow resembles the protagonist of an anime within this series. She can be overzealous sometimes.

YuruYuri is about the daily school life of these characters. But don't yawn yet, there are plenty of excitement as they get challenged by the student council vice-president for the closure of their club, stay over at Yui's house (she lives by herself), take over a beach (sometimes forgetting something important), etc. Overall it's a great anime I recommend to pretty much everyone.

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