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Saturday, 21 February 2015

What I do after rooting/jailbreaking - Part 3 (Chrome OS)

Here it is, the final instalment of what I do after rooting/jailbreaking! Unlike most Android devices and iOS, there are official steps to do this. It's called Developer Mode. Anyhow, here are my experiences.

Chrome OS Beta - Acer C710

  • dev_install: Bunch of extra binaries Chrome developers install. Allows you to add more tools.
  • qemacs: Native Chrome OS text editing! Unfortunately, command-line only, but it's not the same as Google Keep. It actually edits text files instead of jotting down notes in the cloud.
  • xset: Running this with "dpms force off" allows me to turn off the monitor without suspending the device. Very useful when downloading/torrenting!
  • crouton: Runs another OS simultaneously as a chroot! Either Debian or Ubuntu and a variety of desktop environments & other parameters. I use it almost exclusively for VLC (cause Chrome OS video players lack embedded subs support for my anime) and ZSNES (with a controller).
  • JSTorrent: Doesn't require Developer Mode, but still worth a mention. Allows you to torrent files natively on Chrome OS!
  • List of Chrome extensions: Always Clear Downloads, Calculator, Camera, Cracking Sands Racing, Cut the Rope, Entanglement, Google Keep, Google Play Movies & TV, Google+ Photos, Hangouts call, Happy Friday!, History Limiter, LastPass, Linkclump, Mailto:, Save the Day, Selection Search, Tampermonkey, Tank Riders, TrafficLight, VTchromizer, WOT, X-notifier, ┬ÁBlock.
As always, thank you for tuning in! Have a good one. Ciao.

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