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Friday, 20 February 2015

What I do after rooting/jailbreaking - Part 2 (iOS)

Thought I was just an Android user? Think again, I also own an iPad Mini. Of course the same standards apply, so I jailbreak it. Here are my experiences.

iOS 8.1.2 - iPad Mini

  • Cydia: That's where you get all the jailbreak apps and tweaks. Is usually pre-installed.
  • AppInfo: This lists all your installed apps, contacts, etc. Can email to yourself.
  • AppSync Unified: Allows you to manually install unsigned IPA to your connected device. Be careful with this one! Use at your own discretion.
  • Controllers For All: MFi support for your third-party game controller. I use it to connect my PS3 controller to my iPad and play games like Bastion.
  • Experimental Untrusted Hosts Blocker: No more ads, even on Cydia!
  • iAppLock: Lock any application with a custom passphrase. Useful for sharing your device. Free version limited up to 5 apps.
  • iCleaner Pro: CCleaner for your iPad. I love removing unused dependencies on it (packages left by unclean uninstallation). Can also control startup.
  • iFile: The ultimate file browser for your root iPad filesystem. Allows you to see what Apple forbids, and share them across your WiFi.
  • ***: Removed, please research it at your own discretion!
  • Nitrous: Speeds up javascript performance on Chrome and other non-Apple apps.
  • ShowCase: Make your iOS keyboard show lower case when not capitalizing.
  • SwipeSelection: Very handy tool that allows you to move the blinking text cursor via swiping the keyboard. Much better than iOS auto-selecting your text.
  • WiFi Passwords: Now you can see the WiFi passwords of any network you previously connected to!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's Chrome OS article! Ciao.

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