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Friday, 20 February 2015

What I do after rooting/jailbreaking - Part 1 (Android)

Have you rooted/jailbroken you mobile device? I sure did. While there are plenty of guides on how to do it, most of them don't discuss what to do after rooting. Here are my experiences.

Android 5.0.1 - Google Nexus 5

  • AFWall+: Very useful firewall that can save you data! I don't normally use outbound firewalls, but with the limited amount of data we have, it simply is necessary. This edits your iptables directly, making it faster and compatible with mobile data monitoring of each individual app.
  • App Ops (Lars Team): Ever wonder how to select which permissions your apps have access to without uninstalling it completely? Well, this is the tool for that. Can also control startup.
  • Clean Master: The main usage of root for this is managing startup apps and uninstalling default apps. It can actually prevent apps from automatically starting or running in the background on your phone!
  • Dashboard: Allows your Pebble watch to control your phone. Includes disabling/enabling Bluetooth, Data, WiFi, etc. Even finds your phone by beeping it!
  • Greenify: Suspends background applications from taking up memory and other resources.
  • Keep for Pebble: Allows your Pebble watch to read Google Keep notes.
  • Llama: Schedules multiple tasks. Root allows for more features. I use it for making headphones calls quieter, disabling WiFi when outside home (prevent disconnects), and Airplane Mode when roaming.
  • ***: Removed, please research it at your own discretion!
  • Sixaxis Controller: Enables you to use your PS3 controller on Android via Bluetooth. Has nice features such as touch emulation for games without gamepad support.
  • StickMount: Mounts usb devices such as mice and flash drives via OTG.
  • X-plore: With root, you can explore and edit the entire filesystem! Useful for things like viewing your old WiFi passwords.

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