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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Review of FileMenu Tools 6.7.1 by LopeSoft

FileMenu Tools - Windows 7 64-bit

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite software of all time: FileMenu Tools. This is an advanced program that can forever change how you interact with your right-click context-menu. It allows you to select from a variety of utilities, edit your send to menu, disable some other context-menu items, and even create your own commands. The first 4 are made by myself:
  • Open with Notepad: Self-explanatory, works on any file with text inside it. Runs with admin privileges so I can edit UAC-protected files.
  • Open with NFOPad: Much like the above, except without admin privileges (faster, no UAC prompt) and supports more filetypes.
  • Open with VLC: I mainly use this to add files or folders to my current playlist, or create a new one. Saves space compared to installing VLC context menus.
  • Unlocker: Since the default Send To menu of Unlocker doesn't support drives, I made this exclusively for locked volumes.
The rest of the items are explained in the FileMenu Tools website. I only use the ones that are checked. For the more complex ones and personal favourites, I will go over them in detail:
  • Change Time...: Allows you to specify when the file/folder is created, modified, and accessed. You can specify the exact time or increase/decrease units. Very useful for spoofing the timestamp of files you've modified yourself (hint: OpenPuff).
  • Advanced Renamer...: Say goodbye to manually renaming each and every file yourself. With this, you can rename any part of the filename, including separate settings for extensions or even find & replace, and optionally include a sequence of numbers at the end. Very useful for misnamed manga chapters.
  • Shred Files...: This actually overwrites the files with a algorithm of your choice, making their recovery impossible. I recommend one-pass of zeroes for speed and practical security.
  • Calculate and Verify Checksum...: One way verification of any file. You can know if a file is corrupt f the checksum doesn't match, but you won't know what the file contains just from the hash itself. Wish it supports more algorithms, but beggars can't be choosers.
The Send To menu doesn't really need explaining, it just simplifies a process you can do yourself. Any shortcut can be added or removed there, and selecting it will open the file/folder with that program. As for commands of other applications, I have disabled quite a few things:
  • Taskband Pin: Drag and drop is easier. Waste of space.
  • Start Menu Pin: Same as above.
  • Briefcase Menu: Who actually uses Windows Briefcase?
  • Sharing: File properties is enough for me.
  • Previous Versions Property Page: I don't waste space with that, I use proper backup like AX64 Time Machine.
  • Library Location: I barely use the Library feature, and certainly don't need another space in right-click just for adding items there.
  • MS-DOS shortcuts: Not even sure what this is exactly, and how their relevant in modern Windows, but it's disabled in my settings.
You can import and export your settings anytime. This program automatically checks for updates and prompts you to apply them. Note that the installer (not portable version) includes OpenCandy, so be very careful what you select. I recommend clicking decline on the left side and uncheck any agreements you see. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Feel free to download this software here: http://www.lopesoft.com/en/filemenutools/download

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