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Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to help prevent device theft

Have you ever been to a shady place? Afraid that your phone might be jacked? Well here are some tips that will hopefully prevent that from happening:
  1. Do not take out your phone unless necessary. Pick up calls with your headphones with mic (mine are Bluetooth), and reply to messages on your smartwatch (if it can). You can also control music using either of those gadgets.
  2. Install a wrist strap of sorts. Mine wraps around my finger, and helps keep me from losing my phone, especially when taking photos on a cliff or being bumped by hostile strangers. The latter has never happened thankfully.
  3. Install or enable anti-theft on your device. Apple and Google has one built-in as long as you verify your phone with your online account. Those can locate, alarm, and wipe your phone. I also use CM Security and Prey Anti-Theft (which happens to work on laptops as well) for extra security like app locks and taking front camera pictures of invalid unlock attempts.
  4. Lastly, notify the police immediately and get in contact with your cell phone provider in order to track down your phone.
Hope you learned something new tonight, au revoir!

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