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Sunday, 22 February 2015

How I survived without Root/Jailbreak

In the beginning, did I always root/jailbreak my devices? Nope, I actually worked around the limitations. Here I will be describing how I did that:

  1. Adblocking: Without root you can't adblock right? That's actually not the case. I personally used FilterProxy on Android and BA.net AdBlock on iOS. The former is a very powerful tool that allows you to block any website you want for all apps. Unfortunately, it takes over your mobile data traffic. The latter is a DNS service that works with virtually any device. Unfortunately, it might have holes and you can't plug them without contacting the owner of the service. Other options include Firefox with AdBlock Plus either for Android (buggy in my experience) or Firefox (only works on that browser), and similar apps with built-in adblocking. Unfortunately, those options are not system-wide, so I prefer my methods.
  2. Firewall: How do you prevent those pesky apps from using up your mobile data, especially in the background? On this topic, I will focus exclusively on Android, because I have no experience with iOS regarding firewalls and I own an iPad WiFi model. While you could restrict mobile data in the background in later versions of Android, what about foreground ads and such? That is where NoRoot Firewall comes in handy. I've personally used the Grey Shirts, LostNet, and Mobiwol. The first works well, except custom filters didn't work when I tried it months ago. LostNet has built-in filters for ads, countries, and such, but it disconnects after ~5 hours the last time I tried it. Mobiwol is the pioneer of the field, but is lacking site blocking. At least it monitors your mobile data fine.
  3. Background resource manager: What about those apps that always take up CPU/RAM in the background? Greenify to the rescue! Although it works better with root, this app suspends background processes of your choice when you stop using them. As for iOS, there is Kingsoft Battery Doctor. For some reason, its optimize feature isn't available on the iPad version, and I'm not sure how well it works, but at least there's something. Only manual execution though.
  4. Automating your phone: Want to schedule some tasks such as changing the call volume when your headphones are plugged in? Llama is here! Once again, this app works better with root, but most features are still available without breaking your warranty. I know of no alternatives for iOS.
  5. Other killer apps I use without needing root: AirDroid, Bambuser, Clean Master, Clipper, CM Security, CM Locker, Elixir, Home Button Launcher, LINE, Photon Flash Player & Browser, Tool Box, VLC, X-plore, SoundHound, CamScanner Free, First Aid by the Canadian Red Cross, i-nigma, MyTools · My Light & Ruler, PCalc Lite, OPlayerHD Lite, Prey, StumbleUpon.

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