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Friday, 27 February 2015

FreeGeek Vancouver

Here you are, bored with nothing to do. You may be going to school or not, but you need the job experience. Well, here is one good way to get it! FreeGeek Vancouver is an electronics recycling, refurbishment, and donation facility with a thrift store. There you can go through a variety of tasks from wire cutting, dismantling desktops, or helping out with sales (my personal favourite).

Not only do they give great deals to non-profit organizations such as themselves, their thrift store has very competitive pricing which can be mind-boggling. Like perfectly usable earbuds for $1. GTA: Vice City for the same price! 17" widescreen for $50 and 24" widescreen for $95. More details here: http://wiki.freegeekvancouver.org/article/Thrift_Store_Price_List

What have I gotten from there? For volunteering 24 hours of my free time, I get a 40% employee discount and $50 off any item in the store. Therefore I managed to snag a 23" HDMI widescreen monitor for just $20! And I got Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with the Shining Isles expansion pack for only $1.50! And so on and so forth. There are some really rare things there such as a Palm Portable Keyboard and Palm IIIxe as well. Too bad I couldn't find a working charger, yet. I also heard they were selling stuff like PS3/XBox 360 controllers for $15 and Macbooks for $200. Of course those didn't last.

So overall, feel free to visit FreeGeek Vancouver and learn about open-source software such as Ubuntu, building your own computer, repairing it, and so forth. And save a lot of monies!


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