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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


As you may have noticed, ads appeared on my website. While I would love to partner with either Google AdSense or Bing/Yahoo Media.net, the former is too strict in their requirements, while the latter isn't replying to my emails. Therefore, I needed to sign up for something fast and efficient.

Do note that I planned to have ads on this blog since the very beginning, not just to fool you guys, but technical difficulties prevented that at first. Now that I have ads running, please regard them in any way you want, and only click what you're interested in.

I tried to censor all the adult words, and the mobile site and mirror will always be ad-free. Currently, I'm waiting to claim my domain to I can manage the ads better. That does require a few clicks and time, but once again feel free to do whatever you want as long as it's not malicious.

I have also updated my Privacy Policy regarding this change, so please look over it and notify me of any errors. Thank you, and may we all make monies!

Unfortunately, I'm having problems with getting any clicks at all with Chitika after over a month of usage. That means zero revenue, no claimed domains for optimization, etc. I even have to fill out this complex U.S. tax form to even get anything out of it if everything was actually working. I will probably just drop Chitika as soon as I get Google AdSense working. But once again, the purpose of this article is to clearly explain that I will have non-intrusive ads (no pop-ups, video ads, mobile ads, etc.) on this blog which was the plan from the beginning.

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