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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Sci-Fi Short Story Perhaps?

Please comment on what you think, and any ideas for the plot. Here is what I started years ago, and suddenly found sitting around on my data disk, with some updates:

- Sole red planet (Ygghaven), accumulated all excess mass from birth of blue star (Siriusly).
- Trillions of light-years away from other stars.
- North = declining empire split by democratic revolution.
- East = main rival to the West, masquerades as many socialist states.
- West = ruling power, unconditionally united by tyrant revered as God.
- South = alien portal to unknown multiverse hidden by wilderness.
- Year 7775 by Earth calendar, 6699 locally.
- Residents (Xenon) = remarkably humanoid for silicon-based life.
- Based in Earthly environment with different materials.
- Flora/Fauna of Permian era likeness, along with unique plants & creatures.
- One continent, several islands. Islands said to be inhabited by carbon-based life.
- A moon (Dvaven) once existed until collision with planet.
- Crater (Dundyll) locked in time, space, and matter. Meeting area of main characters.

Time Princess (Celeste): Very formal, charismatic, and narcissistic. Freeze time, change duration.
Space Ninja (Darkstroke): Cold, mysterious, and lecherous. Warps space and invisibility.
Matter Dragon (Eigarl): Proud, intolerant, and egotistical. Shoots black holes and neutron stars.
Hermaphrodite Protagonist (Alex): Bisexual, understanding, and klutz. Knowledgeable about entire continent.
Carbon-based companion (Liez): A lizard person. Mistaken frequently for being uncivilized, but actually a gentleman.
Aliens (Quex): Unknown lifeforms that watches in the sidelines. May invade after world war.
Carbon-based life forms (Plora): Primitive creatures with Permian-era likeness.

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